Powdered human urine: What we think about Tafmed powdered urine research?

Tamed and I decided to review the most popular urine simulation kit powdered urine. Many time we need real urine simulation for our experiment. Before Testclear powdered urine, we don’t have any products that provide real urine simulation. There were some other urine simulations, but they are not as good as Testclear powdered urine. We only need powdered urine for all our urine experiment. It has uric acid and urea, which makes powdered pee best for your experiment. No matter for what purpose you need urine simulation, you should always go for the powdered pee. 

human urine

Tafmed.org Powdered urine research

Many websites like tafmed.org do in-depth research on the powdered urine. I recomend you to take a look at Tafmed research on powdered urine.

With urine powder, you can easily make the powdered pee at home. You need water and the Testclear dehydrated urine kit. One hour Before you start an actual experiment, you need to add water at room temperature to the dehydrated urine powder. For the best result, the temperature of the water should be around 70F/21C. If your experiment needs the urine at the correct temperature range, you need to use the heater provided with the kit. These heaters are enough to keep the urine warm for our urine experiment. Be careful when you attach the heater to the kit, you should stick the heater to the opposite side of the strip that measures the temperate. You will not get an accurate temperature when you stick heater close to the temperature strip.

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I agree with the tafmed.org powdered urine review; it will take around 40 to 50 minutes to reach urine to correct the temperature. Some people use microwave and heating pad to keep urine warm, but i think it is not the best way to maintain the urine temperature. The sample we prepared by adding water to the urine powder is the real urine simulation to use any experiment. Some people also use powdered urine to manipulate the drug test result. Powdered urine is clean and has no drug traces, making it suitable for passing the urine test. You don’t need any science degree or in-depth chemical knowledge to make urine at home. You need one kit of test clear powdered urine and some water. Within less than one-hour urine clean, natural urine is ready for your experiment. Some people think that artificial urine does not have the smell and behaves like real urine. But Powdered urine is the only real urine simulation with a smell and acts like real human urine. Tafmed.org research shows that the lab can’t differentiate between powdered urine and real urine. You will find some more information about the powdered urine on tafmed.org.

You can also use powdered urine to do some funny prank on your friend. You can easily make the fake urine at home to do some frank on your friend. I do not encourage you to use powdered urine for passing the drug test even though many people are using it for the test. However, you can use the kit for some experiments and pranks. If you did any prank or experiment with powdered urine in the past, then you can share your story with us. We love to share it with our website visitors.

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