Catholic High School Fair- Friday, Oct 25th

Friday, October 25, 8 PM – Church and Kiernan Hall

The Outreach Committee of the Parish Council has confirmed that the following high schools will be present to discuss resources available to assist families in attending their schools.

Representatives will be available to answer questions and discuss admission procedures.

Fontbonne Hall (girls)        LaSalle Academy (boys)
St Savior (girls)                       Xaverian (coed)
Brooklyn Jesuit Prep (boys tuition-free middle school)


Los formularios de inscripción para los niños que ya han asistido al programa han sido enviados por correo. Los formularios para los que van a registrar a sus hijos por primera vez serán disponibles en la página web de la parroquia (standrewtheapostle. net) y a las entradas de la iglesia. Vamos a tener registraciones abiertas jueves, septiembre 12, de 10am a 2pm en la entrada de la iglesia. Continue reading “EL PROGRAMA DE EDUCACIÓN RELIGIOSA”



There are many ways we can serve our parishioners who are mourning the loss of a loved one. Members of the Consolation Ministry may, with the pastor’s direction, assist the family with the planning of the funeral or attend the wake and/or funeral to demonstrate the support of our parish in their time of need. When needed, a member, who is an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Lector or Hospitality Minister, may assist at the Funeral Mass. A minister of consolation may also want to reach out to these parishioners by making follow-up calls. If you are interested in serving in the Consolation Ministry, please leave a message for Shirley Kennedy at the Parish House.